Welcome to Regal Gems

Rough to Polish - Since 1972


Established in the 1970’s, Regal Gems has a long history in delivering high quality coloured gemstones
directly from the source to a discerning global client base.

  • Global Sourcing of Offices
  • Specialized in rarity

Events 2016

  • February - Tucson

    February 2nd - 7th
    Tucson, USA

  • March - Hong Kong

    March 1st - 5th
    Hong Kong HKTDC

  • April - China

    April 8th - 11th
    Beijing International Exhibition Center

  • May - China

    May 4th - 8th
    Shanghai GAC show (Pudong)

  • September - Sri Lanka

    September 1st - 4th
    FACETS Sri Lanka

  • September - Hong Kong

    September 13th - 17th
    Hong Kong UBM show

  • November - China

    November 10th - 14th
    Beijing GAC Show

Heritage & Trust Worldwide

A heritage of trust and superior quality makes Regal Gems the supplier of choice for individuals and corporations around the world.

Sri Lanka

Regal Gems commenced its operations by sourcing from the Elahera mines in the District of Matale. Today, our sourcing operations have expanded into Beruwela and Ratnapura as well.


Regal Gems was the first Sri Lankan company to set up offices in Madagascar, under the name Big Boss Gems in the Ilakaka and Sakaraha mines, and also sources from Mozambique, renowned for its high quality rubies.


Regal Gems has been a trusted supplier to Chinese consumers and retailers for many years. With gems considered a long term investment, we are able to provide the guarantee of quality & authenticity that the luxury conscious Chinese market demands.


Leveraging on relationships developed over many years, our sourcing office in Bangkok gives us not only access to a wide variety of gemstones from multiple countries but also allows us to ensure that Regal Gems always has its choice of only the highest quality stones.